Winter is coming Prep your Car for those Chilly Months

Anyone whos lived in Colorado knows that you never really know when winter will start or when it might end. And you also know that winter road conditions can fluctuate significantly throughout any given day. Even if the Farmers Almanac predicts a mild winter, native Coloradoans know better than to rest on their laurels because weve been fooled before! Its way better to be prepared for the worst than to get stuck in the worst. There are a few things you can to do to prepare for our upcoming winter season that will significantly decrease the likelihood of you getting stranded on the side of the road.Start off with checking your tires for wear and tear, uneven wearing, and depth tread. Make sure to keep an air gauge handy because when things cool down, the pressure in your tires change and youll want to keep them at optimal levels (check your owners manual for specifics) because it will help them properly grip the road when you want them to the most. From there its a good idea to have all of your fluids checked and adjusted appropriately for the cold weather. Oil tends to thicken in the colder weather and if it gets too thick, it could stop functioning properly. Its often recommended that a different type/weight be used in the colder months. Same goes for changing up your antifreeze and even your windshield wiper fluids. Winter months call for a different antifreeze mix and completely different fluid for your windshield than what is needed in our warmer months.A full-on vehicle inspection is a great idea right about now. Not only are tires and fluids needing to be checked out, but youll also want to have all of your hoses and belts checked out to make sure theyre not on the outs. Batteries should also be tested for overall health and replaced if theres a concern that it might be failing. No one wants to break down, especially on one of our really, really cold and frozen days. A bit of preparedness can go a long way in keeping you safe on the roads this winter.In case you do end up stranded, wont it be wonderful that you carefully and thoughtfully prepared a winter-emergency kit for your vehicle! Some of the things to keep with you these upcoming winter months: an ice scraper, small shovel, sand or cat litter for traction, warm blanket, extra set of warm clothes, winter boots, first-aid kit, daily meds, some yummy (yet filling) non-perishable snacks, flashlight with extra batteries, a phone charger that doesnt require being plugged in to work, flares, jumper cables, tool kit, tools to change a tire, a spare that actually has air in it, a deck of cards, and a good book should all help!When you are ready to have your vehicle winterized, the team at Antero Automotive in Greenwood Village would love to be yourr go-to auto repair shop for all things winter as they pertain to keeping you safe and your vehicle on the road. Even if you dont bring your auto to us, we encourage you to have it inspected by a professional. Your safety is our number one concern! Give us a call or stop on by our shop located at 6615 S Dayton Street Greenwood Village, CO 80111.

Written by Developer Autoshop