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Local Radiator Repair and Replacement

Signs of Radiator Problems

Your car’s radiator is the main component of its cooling system. It circulates coolant through the engine to regulate the temperature and prevent your engine from overheating. Therefore, if your engine is overheating, that can be a sign of radiator problems. You may also notice that your car is leaking coolant, which will appear in a green, orange, pink, or blue puddle under the car. If too much coolant leaks out, your car won’t be able to function, and your engine may end up severely damaged. All of these can be signs of failure for any aspect of your car’s cooling system, but none of these signs should be ignored. Whether you’re having issues with your radiator or any other system parts (including the water pump, cooling fan, heater core, or thermostat), it can lead to worse problems down the line, so it’s important to get the situation checked out by a professional.

Causes of Problems with the Radiator

Your car’s radiator can fail for any number of reasons, but over the years, we’ve noticed three different factors come out on top as the most common reasons your car’s radiator will fail. One cause is perforation, which usually happens when road debris is launched at your radiator and causes a leak. If the coolant in your car has the wrong concentration of additive, or if there’s no additive in it at all, that can lead to corrosion, which will usually start at the places where the plastic reservoirs are attached to the aluminum core of the engine. Suppose the pieces used to mount the radiator are damaged, broken, or worn out. In that case, it can lead your radiator to vibrate more than usual, which can cause leaks between the plastic reservoirs and the aluminum core we mentioned previously. Unfortunately, the only solution to any of these problems is to replace the radiator completely.

Radiator Replacement And Repair

If your car is experiencing any of the symptoms of radiator problems listed above, no matter what the cause may be, you will want to get it taken care of as soon as possible. A functioning cooling system is important to keep your car running safely, and overheating for any reason can cause intense damage to your engine. So if you need a radiator replacement or repair in Greenwood Village or the surrounding areas, keep Antero Automotive & Truck Services in mind. We service all car makes and models, specializing in European automobiles, and our A-Level certified technicians are fully prepared to repair or replace the radiator in any car that needs it. Trust our team of experts to get your car back into perfect working order without the looming threat of overheating or engine failure. Call or text us today at 303-708-8855, or bring your car in to see us at our auto repair shop, which you can find at 6615 S. Dayton Street, Suite B Greenwood Village, 80111.