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Unique Issues With Sprinter Vans That Drivers Should Know

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Do you need a team of ASE-certified auto mechanics and service professionals to help you with your Sprinter Van? Antero Automotive & Truck Services in the Denver Tech Center Specializes in bringing a community-first approach to auto repair and maintenance, and we’re eager to help you with your Sprinter Vans. The auto repair specialists & master mechanics at Antero Automotive & Truck Services have the expertise to diagnose and fix just about any issue with your Sprinter van quickly and effectively. We are familiar with industry-specific parts from both aftermarket suppliers and the original manufacturer, ensuring total compatibility between engine systems for a secure, long-term solution.

Unique Issues With Sprinter Vans That Drivers Should Know

  1. Overloading: Overloading the van with heavy cargo can cause damage to the suspension and result in uneven tire wear.
  2. Idling: Extended idling times, common in commercial use, can cause problems such as increased fuel consumption, decreased engine performance, and increased emissions.
  3. Brake wear: Sprinter vans used for commercial purposes often require frequent and heavy braking, resulting in excessive brake wear and decreased braking performance.
  4. High mileage: The high mileage put on Sprinter vans used for commercial purposes can cause problems such as increased wear and tear on suspension, steering components, and engines.
  5. Commercial Upfit: The installation of commercial upfits, such as shelves, partitions, and ladder racks, can affect the van’s weight distribution and handling and put added stress on the suspension and drivetrain.

At Antero Automotive & Truck Services, we understand the value of a reliable and efficient vehicle, especially regarding Sprinter Vans in the Denver Tech Center area. These vehicles are popular worldwide for their size and capability, making them ideal for commercial use. That’s why we believe it’s important to trust your Sprinter Van with a highly trained and skilled auto mechanic.

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We feature loaner car services to help you stay on the road while we get to work on your Sprinter van. Check out this glowing review from one of our valued Denver Tech Center customers: “Antero Automotive & Truck Services is awesome! I was having issues with my battery light coming on randomly and my 2002 van not starting on occasion. Other mechanics said the problem was everything but my alternator. My gut told me otherwise. So I made an appointment with Antero to do a thorough check of the starter, battery, and alternator. Sure enough, it was the alternator. They replaced the alternator with a warranty at a great price and had me in and out in record time. I highly recommend them and will return for any future repairs my Van needs.” — Jill M. Visit Antero Automotive & Truck Services today, and see why fleet clients come to us for all their sprinter van needs. You’ll find us at 6615 South Dayton Street, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Located near the Denver Tech Center and Centennial. Schedule an appointment with us online, and we will help you & your sprinter van get back to doing what you love.