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Does your car need a tune-up? Every vehicle make and model will need maintenance eventually, but the interval at which you’ll need a tune-up differs based on the kind of car you drive and how old it is. There are also some signs you can look out for that will signify that your car is in need of a tune-up. For example, you may notice your car’s mileage per gallon will decrease. Your car may also start making weird noises – if you notice any unfamiliar noises coming out of your car, you should bring it in to be checked out by a professional, as sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the sound is and where it’s coming from. If your car desperately needs a tune-up, it may also turn on a light on your dashboard. If you notice any lights coming on, bring your car in to be diagnosed before the problem worsens. Staying on top of your car’s tune-ups will help it function better and delay some of the wear and tear you’ll typically experience, especially with older cars.

What is a Tune-Up

We’ve talked about reasons your car might need a tune-up, but what’s involved in the process? A tune-up is a series of thorough preventive maintenance tasks. It will typically include replacing the air filter, fuel filter, spark plug wires, oxygen sensor, PCV valve, and other parts that are prone to wear down with time. Your belts, hoses, and fluids will typically be checked out, repaired, or replaced as necessary. Our A-Level certified technicians will also thoroughly inspect your engine and see if anything needs to be replaced or repaired. Our team will let you know if they find anything amiss, and we’ll get it fixed with your approval. The purpose of a tune-up for a car is to make sure everything is where it should be, doing what it’s supposed to be doing and working as cleanly as possible. When your car has been tuned up, it will be as good as new, back to perfect working order!

The Go-To Spot for Tune-Ups

If you’re a driver in Greenwood Village, CO, or anywhere in the surrounding area, trust your car’s tune-ups to the team of experts at Antero Automotive & Truck Services. Our repair and maintenance specialists truly care about you and your car, so they’ll inspect your vehicle thoroughly and ensure absolutely nothing is amiss. Check out your car’s owner’s manual for more precise information about when you should get maintenance done, then call or text us at 303-708-8855 to schedule an appointment for a tune-up. Visit us at 6615 S. Dayton Street, Suite B Greenwood Village, 80111. While your car is being thoroughly inspected, you can hang out in our waiting room and enjoy the free snacks, coffee, and WiFi we provide every customer.