Why are Tire Chains so Important

As we head into the winter months here in Colorado, the importance of tire care becomes even more important. Chains, tread depth, overall tire conditions matter when it comes to winter safety. And the team here at Antero Automotive puts you and your safety at the forefront of all we do. Proper tire attire can make all the difference when youre in a snowy/icy area. Same thing with tire condition and tread depth. You want your tires to grip the ground exactly at the moment you need them to. No ending up in a ditch! Or worse.

When it comes to the tread on your tire, its not just about pretty patterns. Those patterns are designed to direct water away from the tire as well as to help you stay safely connected to the road, accelerate, overall handling, and stopping. The industry standard here in the U.S. for proper tread depth is between 8/32 and 10/32. Your tire isnt considered bald, though, until it reaches 2/32. During our wetter months, you should never get past 4/32 before its time to replace them. Make sure to rotate your tires to help with even wear, and it will help your tires live a longer life. Keep in mind that when your tread depth decreases it makes for longer stopping distances, less road-grip, and an increased risk of aquaplaning. Check out this helpful video on how to check your tread: https://www.consumerreports.org/video/view/cars/car-care/5305389891001/autos-tips-checking-tire-tread/

Other tire conditions matter too. When your tires arent in great condition, it affects drivability, gas mileage, and other important factors too! Its important to check your tires on a regular basis. What to look for: underinflation; overinflation; anything stuck in a tire; tread; uneven wear; worn, bulges, or even holes in the sidewalls; and pay attention to potential leaks.

Snow chains are another great safety tool that is often underrated. We live in a part of the country where chains may not be called for as often as other parts of the country, but it depends on exactly where you live or to where you are traveling. Trying to get around in the snow and ice can be a challenge without them. Whether youre heading over the pass to go skiing or visiting a friend after a snowstorm who lives up a steep incline, youre going to want a set of chains handy! Make sure you know if you have a front or rear-wheel drive, so you know where to put them. Its a good idea to practice putting them on before you need to so it wont be as difficult when its time. Heres another helpful video...this ones on (you guessed it!) how to install snow chains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH3rL6tqUj0

Dont ignore the health of your tires and never ignore the road conditions. Having chains in the trunk of your vehicle is never a bad idea from September into May here in the wild-weather world of Colorado. Let Antero Automotive help you stay safe on our roads. Schedule an appointment, or stop by our shop located at 6615 S Dayton Street Greenwood Village, CO 80111. We are here for YOU!

Written by Developer Autoshop