The Evolution of the BMW

At Antero Automotive, we know BMW. In fact, one of our technicians is BMW-factory trained and knows them inside and out. We are passionate about BMW and thats why we are BMW specialists. Because we love them so much, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on their evolution. Not everyone is a BMW fan, but those of us who are are truly committed to the brand. It doesnt matter that the parts cost more or because they are designed with performance in mind, they are far more complicated than the average garage can handle we adore them because they truly give us the ultimate driving experience.

BMW started out with aircraft engines in 1916 and went to motorcycles in 1923 before making the leap to the automobile in 1927. The very first BMW production car was the BMW 3/15. Theyve come a long way, baby. The BMW 3/20 is the first car designed and produced solely by BMW doesnt look a whole lot different the the 3/15, but at least it was all BMW. During WWII, they went back to building airplane engines and after the war they struggled because of the loss of so many factories during the war itself. The Soviet Union had seized many of the factories and the allies had banned them from automobile production at the remaining facilities.

They got creative. They manufactured kitchen supplies from salvaged materials until they could return to automobile production in 1952. Talk about grit and determination. Talk about not giving up. The learned what was possible and went with it to survive. They never lost their ingenuity and creativity either and it showed up in the first ever V-8 (BMW 502) and the very affordable (if not toylike) Isetta microcar. Not sure who fit into that model, but it still served its purpose and demonstrated BMWs ability to understand the needs of the market.

BMW has dodged numerous takeover efforts over the decades and have collaborated when it made sense for them to do so. Lamborghini is a prime example when in 1978 the two joined forces to develop the BMW M1, the first mid-engine sports car. To sedans and hatchbacks and SUV crossovers BMW has continued to stay a step ahead in line with the future direction of the automobile industry. They have remained married to the idea that driving should be a sublime experience and have never wavered in their engineering and design to compromise their ideals.

Today they are sitting pretty as one of the top luxury brands in the world with facilities in Germany, Brazil, China, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They continue to innovate, create, and wow the world with all things possible as we dive (drive) into the future of the automobile. From hybrid to pure electric, on the streets and on the racetrack, shared driving to completely autonomous, BMW is at the forefront of all the latest and greatest.

Antero Automotive in Greenwood Village is committed to keeping up with BMW so that we are able to continue to give you, our valued customers, the very best service possible. We are passionate about always learning something new and keep up with the Joneses and their next greatest BMW. Whats YOUR next BMW gonna be? Wed love to know! And when your BMW needs some auto-service loving, schedule an appointment and well take great care of you!

Written by Developer Autoshop