The Dry Fire Season and You Evacuation Planning

Image by sippakorn yamkasikorn from Pixabay

August brought us the dry weather and heat, and now September leaves us once again vulnerable to wildfire. Its wildfire season on the West Coast again. With droughts playing a significant role this season, we want to discuss fire safety and evacuation planning.

Your friends at Antero Automotive care for your safety and would like to remind you about the finer points of creating a plan for evacuation in case of a fire. It is essential to plan ahead. Since several aspects go into an effective evacuation plan, it can be easy to miss a thing or two. We have made a list with some of our top tips to help you plan ahead of the fire season.

Plan exit routes - Being able to exit safely and quickly is critical and should be included in your evacuation planning. Some points of exit can be your doors or windows. It is important to plan several exit routes in case one point of exit is blocked or inaccessible.

Include everyone - Another vital point to keep in mind is including everyone in your household and accommodating their needs. Examples can be if someone is on medications or requires special attention to get around. It is also essential to include your pets and their specific needs.

Have a meeting spot - If you and your loved ones were to get separated amongst the chaos, having a location to meet up can be helpful. Try making the spot away from danger, and somewhere everyone can access and remember.

Practice your plan and have a backup plan - Not only is it important to make a plan, but it is also important to practice. Take your exit plan, for example. Familiarize yourself with the exit routes and note any possible roadblocks that can come up in a real case scenario.

Have transportation ready - Being able to hop in your car and take off towards safety is incredibly important. Your vehicle should be equipped with emergency survival gear and enough food and water for you and your loved ones.

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Written by Developer Autoshop