Does Your Car Need An Oil Change How To Tell

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How To Tell If Your Car Needs An Oil Change

You have a lot on your mind as you greet 2023, so its no wonder you may have forgotten your vehicle. It's easy to take your car for grantedon a typical day, it does its job without fail, reliably transporting you from point A to point B. But when you drive a car for years without giving it the attention it deserves, things can start to wear down and break down. Its essential to keep on schedule with your preventative maintenance, especially oil changes.

You may need an oil change if you notice weird sounds or smells from the hood, a quick dipstick test shows youre running low, or if you see leaks under your vehicle.

Regular oil changes are essential to keeping your vehicle running smoothly. This is an easy way to kick off your preventative maintenance for the year, and it can make all the difference! Below, Ill list some of the signs you need an oil change and some basic info for scheduling it into your calendar.

Signs Your Car Needs An Oil Change

If you need an oil change, it might not be too obvious at first. Cars are built to run reliably even when they arent taken care of, and their performance decreases over time. These tiny changes over weeks or months might not feel like a change. But trust me when I say youll notice the difference when your car starts running how it should again!

Before shrugging off an oil change and assuming your car is doing fine, check out some of these things:

  • Check the oil level. You can do this by using a dipstick or by removing the oil filler cap and checking underneath it. If you do not have an easy access point to check your cars oil levels, consult your owners manual to locate them.
  • Check the color of the oil in your vehicle. If it is black and sludgy, there is likely something wrong with it. This can be caused by driving under harsh conditions (such as off-roading) or not changing your vehicle's engine filter regularly enough.
  • Watch out for leaks. Check if there are any signs of leaks in your garage or typical parking spots; these could indicate that one needs servicing before driving too far away from the home base again!

And, of course, keep an eye out for those dashboard lights!

How Often To Get An Oil Change

How often you change your oil depends on several factors, including the type of oil in your vehicle and how often you drive. If you have a conventional engine, it's recommended that an oil change be done every 3,000 miles or every six months, whichever comes first.

What Happens If You Dont Get An Oil Change

If you don't get an oil change, the consequences are simple: your car won't last. Oil lubricates and cools the engine. It also keeps it clean, reducing wear on all moving parts. Without proper oil changes, you can expect premature engine wear, leading to frequent breakdowns and costly repairs.

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