Why We Support Project Angel Tree

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! At Anteros Automotive in Greenwood Village, we love the holidays. Its a time for viewing outside of ourselves and contributing to the holiday spirit. Its also a time to be conscientious of the needs of others and how to keep our loved ones safe. We are grateful for so much and know that we wouldnt be in business with you. We also know that its important to give back to those who might not have as much as we do right now.

Anteros Automotive supports Project Angel Tree because we want to make sure that all kids have presents under the tree for the holidays. No one should go without. Shanes son went along for the drop-offs one year and became friends with one of the recipients. You never know when youll make a connection or a new friend. The simplest gesture can be all that someone needs to turn around their day or to feel valued. Simple acts of kindness matter.

As we move deeper into winter, its also a good idea to think about the ways you can keep yourself and others safe while out on the roads:

Watch out for kids sledding down some of the awesome hills we have in and around town. They cant always stop when they need to so its important that you can! That means taking care of your brakes. Getting them inspected the next time you have an oil change is a good idea. Also, a great time to rotate your tires. Speaking of tires, make sure they are optimal performance standards because when theyre not, especially during our winter months of ice and snow, they need to be able to help you stop when you need to as well. Make sure they have the right air pressure and realize that the pressure changes with the colder weather. Prepare for the weather before heading out: have your emergency kit up to date and make sure it includes things like extra medications, a warm blanket, a charged car charger, flashlight with extra batteries, non-perishable snacks, a shovel, etc. Keep the maintenance up to date on your vehicle so you are less likely to break down in the first place! Drive defensively and give yourself as much room around you as possible. Dont get boxed in if you can help it and certainly dont be in a hurry.

Take a few moments to think about two things: 1) ways to keep yourself and others safe on the roads this holiday season; 2) how a simple smile might be all it takes to turn someones day around for the better. At Antero Automotive, we will always have a smile for you no matter the time of year. Happy holidays everyone!

Written by Developer Autoshop