Why Are Rodents Eating My Wiring

Awwww. Squirrels are so darn cute, arent they? Well, they tend to get much less cute very fast when you get a bill from your favorite auto mechanic thats hundreds of dollars (if not more!) all because that sweet little furry face chewed through your wiring! Most people feel better about if they think it was one of the cute rodents as opposed to mice or even worse, rats. Regardless of the culprit, it can end up costing you a lot of money and causing an awful lot of unnecessary damage. Do you remember back in 2013 when one of the big news stories was about the rabbits eating through the wires of cars parked at DIA? That was a big problem.

Why in the world do they even WANT to snack on my wires, you wonder? One of the main reasons is that weve become far more eco-friendly and we love ways that contribute to making a greener planet. Anything to feel like were making a difference. Well, thats all fine and good, but in this case, that translates into wire casings being made out of soybean material that counters as an irresistible snack. They are attracted to the warmth of the engine, and then they stay for the food.

There are some ways to ward off the furry creatures. Predator pee (yes, I said pee) is a great one, but dont spray it directly on your engine. Instead, spray around the area where you park your car. Small creatures do not like to intentionally put themselves in the way of something that might eat them. You can usually get this product on Amazon and possibly even your local Home Depot. Bitter apple is another product that can keep them away. Since they like to nest in under your hood, if you are able to leave your hood open, it tends to be far less appealing since it leaves them out in the open. Then theres a rodent-deterrent tape came out on the market back in 2010 that also works quite well.

Whatever you end up doing to save your wires and a potentially huge auto repair bill, its a good idea to check in with your local automotive repair facility. The excellent and highly trained auto mechanics at Antero Automotive have (unfortunately) seen the repercussions of those dastardly little beasts snack time and are well-prepared to help you avoid a large auto repair bill. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about what youd like to try, or we can do the actual work for you. We want to help you stay on the road and avoid costly repairs that could have been avoided. Schedule an appointment, or stop by our shop located at 6615 S Dayton Street Greenwood Village, CO 80111.

Written by Developer Autoshop