What Every BMW Owner Should Know About Auto Repair At Antero Automotive

If you own a BMW, congratulations! They are wonderfully engineered European automobiles and are a thrill to drive. At Antero Automotive & Truck Services, we confess that we get a thrill each time a BMW comes into our shop for auto repair and service. We are passionate about all cars, but BMW is one of our favorite automobile brands for sure. That is why we specialize in repairing these vehicles; we have factory-trained auto mechanics that know these BMWs inside and out.

However, when you are new to owning a BMW, some things that may surprise you. BMWs are engineered differently than American-made or Asian-made vehicles. They are designed with performance in mind; not for ease of service. Therefore, the average person would have a difficult time servicing and repairing their BMW in their own garage because BMWs require specialized tools and software equipment to meet factory standards and warranty maintenance. Because our highly-skilled automotive technicians are factory trained, we can readily troubleshoot, repair, maintain, and service your BMW vehicle.

Another thing that surprises new BMW owners is the cost of parts. BMW parts tend to be pricier. You can try using more generic parts on your BMW to save money, but unfortunately, the highly-sensitive computer sensors in your BMW may not work as they should if you use non-BMW parts. For example, a MINI Cooper Countryman (which is made by BMW) with an aftermarket air filter that isnt explicitly designed for that engine can throw off the sensor readings and cause the engine to stall. To avoid any headaches, we recommend using BMW parts when servicing your BMW or MINI automobile.

Also, BMW owners should know that there is much sophisticated automotive technology built into these vehicles. Your BMW is like a computer network on wheels that is equipped to communicate with you through messages and alerts on your dashboard. If your BMW is trying to tell you something about your tires, your fluids, or if its time to visit Antero Automotive & Truck Services for service, you dont want to ignore those messages. You need to take good care of your BMW if you want it to take good care of you and your passengers.

When you bring your BMW to Antero Automotive & Truck Services, you can count on the following things that will create a positive and stress-free auto repair experience:

  • You and your BMW will be greeted with warmth and concern.

  • We will perform a digital inspection that clearly shows all aspect of the repair recommendations and we can text or email the full report to you.

  • We offer shuttle and loaner car service so you can get on with your day while we service your BMW.

  • Your BMW will be freshly washed when you pick up your vehicle from our auto repair shop.

  • We offer a nationwide NAPA 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on service performed by the technicians at Antero Automotive & Truck Services.

  • We are AAA Approved, a certified ASE Blue Seal shop, and an authorized RepairPal shop.

  • Because we genuinely care about our customers, our auto mechanics will look after your automotive safety as if you were part of our own family.

To continue having the ultimate driving experience with your BMW, keep up on preventative maintenance and monitor your cars critical components. The technicians at Antero Automotive are ready and willing to go over your BMW and identify anything that is ready for repair or replacement, as well as develop a timeline for parts that are functioning correctly now. Together, we will make sure your vehicle continues to perform at its optimal safety level. Please schedule an appointment, or stop by our location today. Youll be glad you did!

Written by Developer Autoshop