What BMW Revealed at the November 2018 LA Auto Show

BMW continues to innovate and expand their ideas as well as their place in the luxury market. With this idea in mind, they introduced the BMW X7 as the next of the bold and beautiful model in their crossover lineup. Yes, it is big. Yes, it holds its own when it comes to a huge on-road presence. Three rows and seating for 7 does not diminish its luxurious feel even though theres something about that fact that really should. But it doesnt. Thats part of the Bimmer magic.

Beyond the 7 is the 8 Series and WOW do these models beg for you to jump behind the wheel and take to the track. The reason for that undeniable pull is, for the first time, they started with developing the 8 Series as a track car and then modified them for the open road. These gorgeous coupes and convertible vehicles exemplify BMWs commitment to the ultimate driving experience. The coupe will hit showroom floors a few months before the convertible, but the joy and freedom it will provide will make it worth the wait.

What else is in store for BMW fans? The Grand Coupe will be added in with the other 8 Series models, and all of these will also be offered as M models. This is all a part of BMWs expansion plan that never waivers from drivability and beauty. The latest iteration of the 340i is yet another example of why this model is the best selling luxury car in the world: luxury, technology, aerodynamics, sheer beauty.

This most dynamic change for BMW is its direction in the field of hybrid and electric with the iNext leading the way. A truly smart car, it is loaded with all the bells and whistles that artificial intelligence can deliver. BMW has committed to deliver 25 electrified vehicles by 2025 with at least 12 of them being fully electric. Safe and autonomous driving will be delivered by 2021. All of this BMW offers without losing power or diminishing their legendary ultimate driving experience.

Everything BMW does is all about making the driving experience the best it can be for you and your passengers. No matter the future of the automobile, they stay true to their origins and remain competitive in all areas of luxury, technology, and sheer automotive beauty. To say they take their work seriously is an understatement. BMWs competitive nature ensures that all Bimmer lovers will continue to revel in the awesomeness that only the ultimate driving machine can deliver.

Written by Developer Autoshop