What Are the Signs of a Failing Water Pump

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, many moving parts can wear out over time, causing costly and even dangerous damage. One of these components is the water pump. The water pump is usually positioned underneath the belt on the side of the engine. This part is responsible for keeping coolant flowing through the engine to maintain a regulated temperature. With such an integral role, it's important to repair any damage relating to the water pump right away. Here are some of the signs to look out for a failing water pump:


If you begin to notice green or red puddles towards the front of the vehicle in the morning, this could signify a failed seal or gasket in your water pump. A minor leak may not leave such a noticeable puddle, so you should also search for a build-up of gelled coolant deposit.


A high-pitched whining sound coming from the front of your car as you drive or come to a stop is usually attributed to a loose belt. This could mean that the bearings that operate the water pump are worn out and may need replacing.


Since the water pump plays a direct role in preventing your engine from overheating, the most apparent symptom would be overheating. If you see your temperature gauge rising to the "H" symbol, you should pull over and call a mechanic immediately. An overheated engine can lead to damaged cylinder heads, cracked engine block, or burnt pistons.


Steam emanating from any part of your car is never a good sign. If you notice steam or smoke coming from under your hood, you should stop driving right away. Steam is also another sign of an overheated engine and a damaged water pump.


Though repairing or replacing a water pump is not cheap or easy, having it arranged as soon as you notice damage is SO substantial. Not only is it dangerous to continue driving, fixing or replacing your water pump sooner will save you money in the long run as it will prevent damage to other parts. If you require a water pump repair, please bring your vehicle to Antero Auto & Truck!

Written by Developer Autoshop