What a Difference It Makes to Have ASE Master Certified Mechanics on Your Side

Has your local Mercedes or Volkswagen dealership closed down due to COVID? Are your regular auto repair choices getting limited? If the answer is yes, have no fear. The Antero Automotive team is here, and we are fully-staffed and ready to assist you with all of your automotive service and repair needs.

But we understand what you may be going through. Finding a qualified auto mechanic isnt always easy, especially when there are so many auto repair shops out there. Luckily, theres a way for you to distinguish between a generally competent auto mechanic and one who isnt by asking about their certifications. ASE-certified is the gold standard, standing for Automotive Service Excellence. An ASE certification tells the world that their auto mechanic has the individual technical skills that will get the job done. And an ASE Master-Certification is a step above that! Keep reading to find out why having an ASE Master-Certified mechanic is so rewarding.

While an ASE-certification is the norm for most auto mechanics, there are those technicians who choose to go a step further and receive their master qualifications. While ASE-certification measures your technical skills, master-level certification is broken down into 6 main sections: automobiles, collision repair, medium-heavy trucks, school buses, transit buses, and truck equipment. In order to maintain a master-level certification, auto mechanics must pass a variety of specified tests to demonstrate their competence. Along with having the requisite work experience, master technicians must re-certify themselves in their specific ASE section every five years, or risk losing those certifications.

An important part of hiring a trustworthy auto repair shop and corresponding auto mechanic is making sure that they can get the work done right the first time. With ASE-certified auto mechanics, you automatically have peace of mind that they are generally competent. With an ASE master technician, youre almost guaranteed to find that any issue you bring to them, they will diagnose and fix. Youll know theyre serious about their craft, and that any answers you have theyll be able to answer.

The Antero Automotive team wants your driving experience to be as safe and enjoyable as it can be, and a huge part of that is ensuring you have access to the best of the best ASE-certified auto mechanics and ASE master technicians! To get the most out of your auto repair experience,schedule an appointment with the pros at Antero Automotive. Feel free to stop by our shop located at, 6615 S Dayton Street Greenwood Village, CO 80111, with any questions. We hope to see you soon!

Written by Developer Autoshop