Traveling Preparation for the Holiday Season

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Holidays? Or holidaze! With the rush of the festive season here, there is much joy to go around. Still, when it comes to the preparation and scheduling of holiday travel, stress is inevitable. With congested roads, overcrowded airports, increased fares on hotels, rental homes, and car rentals, it is crucial to plan and be prepared for traveling during the holiday season.

Although planning may make you feel overwhelmed, you should know that these recommendations could help ease any extra holiday craze. Safety and preparation should always be the priority for the holiday season travels. These are a few recommendations we have for properly preparing.

  • Research COVID-19 Restrictions: With COVID-19 and the pandemic still playing a role in our lives, it is important to research the restrictions and mandates of your destination. To avoid running into any bumps in the road, it is recommended to check if vaccinations or testing are required, along with proper documentation. Also, make sure to check the specific mask mandates, or if you plan on traveling outside of the country, if there is a required quarantine mandate.

  • Pack Accordingly: We recommend researching the weather conditions of your destination to pack the proper attire according to the climate. Although it is important to travel light to avoid the hassle of overpacking, it is wise to always travel with backup clothes, accessories, and products in case of an emergency. Creating a list of items and clothing needed for the trip and checking them off as you pack is an excellent way of assuring you have all the essentials without overpacking.

  • Travel Before & After Holidays: If being flexible with dates is an option, you might consider examining the dates of travel and picking dates towards the beginning or end of the holiday season when it tends to be less congested. Aside from being less crowded, prices could also be lower. This is a great way to avoid busy roads or airports while also saving yourself money.

  • Preventative Car Maintenance: If you plan on traveling on the road for your holiday season, it is absolutely essential to get your vehicle serviced and inspected. With significant traffic, slippery roads, etc., the last thing you want is a flat tire or a leak. A few services that we offer at Antero Automotive include; oil changes, fluid services, brake services, timing belt replacements, engine warning lights, water pump repair, and suspension maintenance. We also recommend getting a tire alignment if needed and inspecting your windshield wipes. Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding unwanted and unexpected issues on the road.

  • Traveling preparation for the holiday season can become overwhelming, but taking the initiative to be prepared will be worth it at the end when your vacation runs smoothly.

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