The Cars We Love at Antero Automotive

Photo by Pratik Gupta on Unsplash

Welcome to Aprils blog! Today, were looking at some of our favorite car manufacturers, in terms of cars we love to work on or own!

There are loads of cars we dream of owning-- Italian sports cars, German luxury cars, American muscle cars, Japanese street racers-- but the cars worth having are the ones that blossom with proper care and show unwavering devotion on your drives. Here are five brands we wouldnt want to see gone from the American road:

  • AUDI - Theres a lot to be said about Audis. Luxurious, precise, and reliable, you can count on most Audis to come through for you. Quattro all-wheel-drive is great for mountain living and suburban I have to climb a steep hill to get to my garage living, too.

  • BMW - Bimmers/Beemers are terrific cars. They are luxurious and yet offer you a surprising amount of power when you really need it. My all-time favorite BMW is the BMW 5 series wagon. While BMWs are not really the most reliable brand, they can be maintained well and protected with just a little bit of TLC along the way to last and last.

  • FORD - this will probably cause some rancor with some Chevy fans, but we admit it: Ford makes good American cars. Ford chose a forward-thinking path in the 2008 automotive crisis with the EcoBoost initiative, and it continues to serve the Ford line well. While Fords do break, they happen to break in a very regular, predictable way that makes fixing them (and maintaining them) satisfying for an owner and a mechanic. V8 Mustangs, Expeditions, Fusions-- they are too many good models to mention them all.

  • SUBARU - if youve never owned a Subaru, you might not get it. Subaru owners love their cars with an unmistakable passion, and with a very good reason. Subaru cars are fun to drive. The control and power of the engine is a departure from most other cars youve driven. As a mechanic, we can tell you that Subarus side-to-side pistoning makes removing the engine from the chassis an easy proposition, making deep-engine repairs simpler, with the right equipment.

  • TOYOTA - most of the mechanics at Antero are huge Toyota fans! Durable and reliable is the calling card of their brand, which youd think would put mechanics off of them, but our auto mechanics appreciate the design and the simplicity of repairing Toyotas.

Those are our top 5 car brands for both owning and repairing! Did your favorite make our list? If not, please forgive the oversight. We had to keep the list small, remember! If your favorite needs a little help staying your favorite this week, be sure to bring your vehicle to Antero for your scheduled maintenance!

Written by Developer Autoshop