Top 5 Signs Your Brakes Need Help

Photo by Ben Brunner onUnsplash Top 5 Signs Your Brakes Need Help ????At Antero Automotive, we understand the importance of regular brake maintenance. We proudly offer comprehensive brake services to drivers in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and the surrounding areas. If youre hearing any squealing noises, feeling any pulling, or noticing a vibration when youre driving, […]

Is It Time For A Wheel Alignment

Photo by Ben Brunner onUnsplash Is It Time For A Wheel Alignment? When customers come into Antero Automotive, I often find that they want to take great care of their vehicle but dont know where to start. There are so many things to keep track of and so little time. Along with preventative maintenance and […]

Does Your Car Need An Oil Change How To Tell

Photo by Kenny Eliason onUnsplash How To Tell If Your Car Needs An Oil Change You have a lot on your mind as you greet 2023, so its no wonder you may have forgotten your vehicle. It’s easy to take your car for grantedon a typical day, it does its job without fail, reliably transporting […]

Christmas Gifts Every Car Owner Will Love

Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev onUnsplash Christmas Gifts Every Car Owner Will Love If you could buy a car for every person on your nice listIm sure you would! Though a new car might not be under the tree this holiday season, there are still dozens of gifts you can get for the car owners in […]

Why You Should Consider A Tire Rotation

Photo by Robert Laursoo onUnsplash ????Why You Should Consider A Tire Rotation Some things just have to be done–pumping gas, refilling your wiper fluid, and, yes, rotating your tires. Tire rotation will help prolong the life of your tires and stop uneven wear that can cause poor handling, vibrations, noise, and even blowouts. Tires need […]

Best Ways To Improve Gas Mileage

Photo byMarek Studzinski onUnsplash Best Ways To Improve Gas Mileage If you own a car, you have to take care of it. This is a given. Not only will taking care of your vehicle make you safer on the road, but it also makes your car more efficient and less wasteful. That means paying attention […]

Top Summer Destination Near Greenwood Village

Image by isaa94 from Pixabay Top Summer Destinations Near Greenwood Village Here in Colorado, theres so much to do! With all the hiking options in Boulder, the city life in Denver, and the not-too-far destinations of Estes and the four corners, you likely already have a packed list of summer activities. But did you know […]

Emergency Preparedness Kit for Your Car What Should It Include

Image by MasterTux from Pixabay Do you have a safety kit at home in case of emergencies? Did you know you can also have one in your car? While different in some aspects, the idea stays the same: being prepared for an accident or emergency. When on the road, you may just be focused on […]

Tire Rotating and Balancing When Should You Do It

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay Whats so important about balancing and rotating tires? The idea behind rotating and balancing your tires comes from preventing uneven tire wear, leading you to buy new tires more frequently. Rotating and balancing on the road helps stabilize your car by avoiding wobbling and vibrations from uneven and imbalanced […]

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