Reasons To Own a Diesel

Diesel engines are known to be workhorses, they are 15% more efficient than a gas engine and use 100% of the fuel, whereas a gas engine does not. Diesel engines provide torque and pulling power; a gas engine is not able to match. Efficiency Is King Diesels use less fuel because they burn 100% of their fuel, and that produces less waste. Diesel engines have more natural lubricant within the fuel, causing the engine to run with less friction and higher compression ratios. Creating more energy behind each combustion means that more you get more power. Diesels drive more miles on the same amount of fuel as a gas engine car. Vibration Reduction Early models of diesel-powered cars and trucks had a reputation for being loud, smelly, and clacking sounds that caused a vibration. With all of the new technology, today's diesel engine is much quieter and smoother than the days of old. Emission and Pollution Reduction Even though a diesel still produces some pollutants, it can be said that every gas-powered engine is guilty of the same. Diesel exhausts less than 1% of contaminants by concentration with the technology of cleaner fuel. Along with the reduction of refining in the fuel-making process, makes diesel engines quite eco-friendly when factoring in the reduction of fuel consumption compared to their gas engine counterparts. More Power With a Diesel, you get more towing power and get-up-and-go off the line than with a gas-powered car and maintain their power when in motion. If you have a trailer to tow or a load to haul, you may want to consider a diesel-powered vehicle to be your go-to. Value Retention Diesel-powered cars and trucks retain their value much better than their gas engine sisters. They remain substantially more valuable than either an electric or gas-powered vehicle by more than 10%. Some think this is because there are fewer diesel-powered vehicles in circulation. Regardless of the reason, you are sure to get your money out of your investment down the road. Even when gas prices are lower than diesel, the sheer fact that a diesel engine is more efficient and gets you more miles for less fuel means you still end up spending less. Remember, diesel engines maximize their fuel by 25-30%. Diesel is Everywhere Because of our highway transportation system, and the fact that most big trucks are diesel-powered, you can fill up your diesel engine anywhere. Diesel is easy to find at the pump wherever you may go. Longer Lasting Engine Compared to a gas engine car, you will get approximately 250,000 extra miles out of your vehicle before it needs a rebuild. That is a HUGE saving when it comes to maintaining your vehicle; this is mainly due to the diesel engines durability and stamina. Mercedes-Benz touts that many of their diesel-powered cars drive for 900,000 miles before needing a rebuild. Diesel has more lubricants in the fuel, which means that there is less wear and tear on the engine itself. Without spark plugs and distributors that need regular replacement, there is less maintenance required on diesel engines. That said, it is essential to service your diesel engine regularly to keep it in tip-top shape. The initial investment in a diesel engine car is higher; however, over time, you will recoup your costs. There is less maintenance needed, and by consuming less fuel, you save at the pump. Your diesel engine will last up to three times as long as a gas engine, which goes to show that for many vehicle owners, owning a diesel is a wise decision that offers you low long-term maintenance, reliable vehicle. Be sure to call Antero Automotive to keep your diesel engine vehicle running at its best. Wheel alignments are a great place to start too, but remember that preventive maintenance goes a very long way. Schedule a service appointment, or stop by our shop located at 6615 S Dayton Street Greenwood Village, CO 80111. We wish you all a happy spring!

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