Preventive Maintenance Matters

While gasoline direct injection technology is one of the fastest growing engine markets, there are several consequences associated with this new type of engine. As it ages, there are a number of potential issues that direct injection technology can cause from a maintenance standpoint. The greatest of which is that with this new direct injection tech can cause severe deposits to form within your engine.

These deposits are a result of gasoline being sprayed directly into the combustion chamber without intake valve washing taking place. Port fuel injection systems, on the other hand, helps to wash intake inlets by virtue of their design. Without this washing of the intake valves, deposits occur at higher rates in the direct injection engines. Additionally, direct injection technology engines spray gasoline directly into the combustion chamber under much higher pressure than in a port fuel injection system. This causes the contaminants to blow past the piston rings and into the oil sump. Add oily vapors from other parts of the engine into the heated mix, and you have a perfect environment for larger, harder, and crustier deposits to develop in your fuel system.

These deposits can cause your engine to get clogged and lose performance power. This is why preventive maintenance like fuel injection flushes are so important, especially for cars with this new fuel injection technology. Your auto mechanic will flush the fuel injector system with cleaning chemicals through the fuel injectors to clean out debris and improve fuel flow. If the problem is more serious than just debris, then the injectors can also be removed for a more thorough cleaning. Fuel injection flushes can also help with diagnostic purposes. If your mechanic can flush the fuel injectors in a car that is having fuel delivery issues, they can rule out your fuel injectors being the problem. If there is no improvement after a flush, youll know the problem lies elsewhere.

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Written by Developer Autoshop