Hybrids Self driving and the Future of the Family Automobile

Welcome to the March blog! Today weve got the future of cars on our minds. As technology develops and transforms industry, its amazing to think that the way we approach driving and automobiles may completely change. Just a few weeks ago, we heard that Volkswagen is getting into the aircraft business, but thinking about small personal vehicles instead of commercial airliners or helicopters. That seems a bit far-off now, especially with aircraft still being so dependent on fossil fuels to be of use. Not to mention the impracticality of people flying around metro areas! The practicality of the implementation of new technology is dependent on setting. Some are the ideas in future cars are just theory now, but some are already being implemented into cars. While were still off from self-driving vehicles, they are not too far from city streets. Self-driving cars may be a difficult sell on mountain roads, especially in rural mountain areas where a missed paint marker might send someone off a cliff. On the other hand, self-parking cars are now commonplace. And it should be noted that many challenges facing society today are being factored into the future of our cars: Pollution, expense in the market, street congestion, and even COVID-19. The area thats most interesting to consider is the future of fuel. Alternate fuel sources are being conceived as we near the end of fossil fuels. Hybrids and Electrics are currently on the streets of Greenwood Village. Hydrogens may be next. After that, perhaps solar rechargeable cars will become a way of life. Whatever the future of the family automobile is, well be on top of it here at Antero Automotive. And with gas still king, weve got years to go in our old direction. But it will be interesting to watch how the situation changes in the next decade or two. In the meantime, be sure to bring your vehicle to Antero for a check-up now and then!

Written by Developer Autoshop