How to show your car some love The importance of keeping your car in alignment especially newer cars with automated drivingself parking and adaptive cruise

February is an important month to show your love for the people who are important in your lives but also for your car! Take the time to show your vehicle some love this month. One of the greatest efforts you can make to show your love is to keep your car in alignment, especially newer cars with automated driving/self-parking and adaptive cruise. When your vehicle is out of alignment, it can make for a rough ride. It can also be tough to steer and your tires are going to wear at an uneven rate. When your vehicle is in alignment, its a smooth ride. Your wheels face front and are straight. You also get the most out of the life of your tires and your gas mileage is improved. When it comes to those newer cars with automated driving/self-parking and adaptive cruise, it requires some extra love. Regular alignments are highly technical. When it comes to these newer vehicles with specialized technology, it gets far more complex. You want a trained technician who has the experience and the proper tools to do the job right. When we align the wheels of a vehicle with ADAS, we also have to calibrate the cameras, sensors, and the radar. If the car is out of alignment, these may not function correctly. Think about what happens if your camera systems cant properly track the wheels because they are out of alignment. The camera will show an image that not correct. For instance, some rear camera systems track your wheel angle to display the path your vehicle will travel as you reverse. If the camera isnt calibrated correctly or the steering wheel is out of alignment, the camera will show an improper image and potentially turn a safety feature into a hazardous situation. When you want to show your car some extra love this month, be sure to call Antero Automotive to keep your vehicle running at its best. Wheel alignments are a great place to start, but remember that preventive maintenance goes a very long way. Schedule a service appointment, or stop by our shop located at 6615 S Dayton Street Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Wishing you all a happy February!

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