How Much Do Potholes Cost You In Auto Repair

While Colorado weather gives us lots of sunshine, it also delivers lots of snow and rough driving conditions. The result is extensive damage to our roads and interstates that creates potholes ranging from the minimal to what seems like small craters. As much as we try to avoid them, it is impossible to miss all potholes, and the damage they do can be quite severe.

According to an AAA study, the cost drivers incur from pothole damage is a mind-boggling $3 billion dollars a year! On average, that breaks down to $300 per pothole expense. And its not just tires that are affected; pothole damage can mess with your wheels, suspension, brakes, and steering.

The AAA Study points out common types of damage:

  • TIRES: When damaged by a pothole, tires are commonly cut, torn or punctured in a way that is not salvageable. A new tire can cost less than $100 to over $500 depending on the vehicle.
  • WHEELS: The force of a pothole strike can bend or break wheels in a way that cannot be professionally repaired. In that case, a driver can expect to spend $300 or more for each replacement wheel. Loss of balance weights is also a common form of pothole damage and necessitates tire/wheel assembly rebalancing, typically costing less than $50.
  • SUSPENSIONS: Potholes can also inflict expensive suspension?related damage. Vehicles with damaged suspensions may have bent or broken parts that require attention, resulting in repair bills that could add up to $1,000 or more. Minor suspension issues may be addressed by suspension realignment, costing an average of $75 to $150.

You can help to minimize damage by maintaining proper air pressure in your tires and by keeping your wheels straight with foot off the break if you are unable to avoid a pothole. If you cant avoid it and do end up with damage, give the highly trained auto mechanics at Antero Automotive a call today!

Written by Developer Autoshop