How are you celebrating national car care month

With the snow and winter weather hazards coming to an end, Spring brings with it its dangers that we as car owners need to prepare for! Thats why April is perfect for National Car Care Month! Now we know there are things you can do every month of the year to take care of your car, but we know that life can get in the way and things get put to the wayside. Just remember, its never too late to start doing routine care and preventative maintenance to extend the life of your vehicle and give you peace of mind.

There are essential steps to consider when beginning a routine for your car; first and foremost, read your owners manual! Its easy to forget that the manual is packed with all the essential information you need to get started, even as a car newbie! Experienced car lovers know that this is one a significant first step towards building a maintenance schedule thats best for you and your vehicle. The manual can also help you make sure that any work you do wont void your warranty.

According to AAA, there are some self-inspections you can do to determine what, if any, small preventative measures need to be taken with your vehicle. They provide a checklist that outlines the basic inspections you can do at home, as well as those inspections that should be done by a professional technician.

The following are some examples of self-inspections you can easily do at home: Check your lights: Make sure all your lights (inside and out) are in working order! This will keep you safe and provide peace of mind that you wont get pulled over for a light being out.

Check your tires: Watching for any change in your tires and treads is an excellent way to ensure safety on the road! You can check your tire pressure with an inexpensive air pressure gauge, and you can check your treads with a penny. If you can see all of Lincolns head, its time for new tires!

Check your fluids: Making sure your fluids (coolant, antifreeze, power steering, and your wiper fluid) are filled to the correct level will save you from unpleasant surprises! If you dont know how to change your fluids, thats okay; you can get help or learn how to change them with a quick search online.

Check your oil: Take a look at your dipstick to check the color of the oil and level. Your vehicles manual will be the best way to determine how often you should be changing your oil, but you should check it often!

What preventative maintenance are you going to build into your routine this April to celebrate Car Care Month?

There are numerous resources available online that can help you determine what sort of routine, preventative maintenance you can be doing to prolong the health of your car. Please check out Car Care Council, a nonprofit dedicated to educating motorists about regular maintenance and repair. There you can find guides for Do It Yourself maintenance and more. When you need a hand or simply dont want to do it yourself, remember the pros here at Antero Automotive in Greenwood Village would love to help you out! When you are ready, schedule an appointment and well take great care of you!


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