Giving Your Car Some TLC This Valentines Day

Photo by Bruce Hong on Unsplash

Its the perfect time of the year to show your car how much it means to you by showing it some TLC. Tender Love and Care goes a long way for your vehicle because your vehicle will last you longer, give you fewer issues, and you will feel more comfortable and safe behind the wheel. No matter your budget, there are ways to show appreciation for your loved vehicle.

In this months blog, we would like to list some of those ways to show your car some TLC. With Valentines Day approaching us, it is the perfect time to spend some attention on your significant others; your vehicle included. Please continue reading to see our top picks on how to show some TLC towards your car!

Car Wash: One of the easiest ways to show your vehicle some TLC is by giving it a carwash! In only a couple of minutes, your car will have a glow-up worth attention and appreciation. If you plan on taking a special someone out on Valentines Day, this tip works great to go out in style.

Maintenance Check: Taking care of your vehicle is more than just having it clean. Your engine and its components are crucial to a properly working vehicle, which is why we added a maintenance check to our list. Having a trained technician look at your car and check that everything is working as it should will make sure you can continue to depend on your vehicle for the rest of the year.

Fluid Top-off: Just like the human body requires water to survive; your car requires some fluids as well. Such fluids include your engine oil, wiper fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid. Dont hesitate to top off these liquids so that you can continue to run smoothly on the road.

Car Freshener: There is no worse feeling than having to drive around in your car with a bad smell. Luckily, a car freshener can save you and your passengers from having to drive with the windows down all the time! We recommend the new car smell as it goes well any time of the year. Still, you might consider something fruity like strawberries or watermelon for February.

Other Car Accessories: Some gifts you can give your vehicle are new seat protectors, a steering wheel cover, or cargo organizers. Taking care of your car in this way offers comfort for you as well, so its a win-win! The only limit is your imagination for car accessories, so feel free to adventure with them!

We hope this list inspired your journey to show your vehicle some TLC. As always, we welcome you to bring your vehicle into our shop as we can help you out with the maintenance check listed above. Bring your vehicle so that our trained technicians can take care of your car to get you back on the road in no time! You can find us at 6615 South Dayton Street, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, or contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Written by Developer Autoshop