Getting Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready

So youre getting ready for a road trip, youve mapped it all out, packed your bags, and got your favorite snacks. You think you are all ready to go and have the perfect playlist set. But wait, youre missing something! Youre not the only one who needs to get road trip ready, your vehicle also needs to be road trip ready. Especially since your vehicle is going to be doing most of the hard work. Even if it is a short weekend road trip it's still a good idea to make an appointment at Antero Automotive to ensure your vehicle will perform its best.

You dont want to get stranded in the wide open because you didnt get an oil change before your long drive. A pre-trip auto check-up could make a huge difference in your trip. You should get your vehicle inspected about a week before your trip, it gives the mechanics time to fix any problems they might find. If you wait a day or two before, they might not have enough time to order a part and install it. A typical safety inspection includes the mechanic checking everything. They will check your fluid levels, belts, lights, tires, and brakes to ensure your vehicle is road-trip ready.

A pre-trip checkup and maintenance will help prepare you for your road trip and prevent any unexpected problems that could arise. It could also save you from a potentially expensive mechanical repair. You may think you can do a majority of checks at home, and while that is true, if you have any doubts, Antero is happy to help! Your vehicle takes a lot of different fluids to run efficiently. We will check them all and top them off for you too.

Even though we dont see too much rain here, we still get our fair share and depending on where youre going, you might see a lot of rain. Its never a bad idea to have your wipers replaced annually just to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for that unexpected downpour we see here from time to time. We are happy to check them out and we look to determine whether or not the rubber on your windshield wipers are still viable and we can replace them if theyre not. We will also inspect your brakes for wear and tear. If your brakes are making a squeaking or grinding noise, vibration when you brake, then you definitely need to take it in. It could be a simple rock stuck in the braking mechanism or they may have warped and need to be replaced. Lastly, your tires. Antero will check your tire pressure and tread. Its also best to have your spare tire check just in case it blows on the road. Your tire tread is just as important as the pressure. If your tires have flat spots then its a sign to get new tires. You want to have depth in your tires for better road traction and easier braking.

Even if you dont hear anything wrong with your car, there could be something small that only a mechanic would catch. Its better to be safe than sorry. Get your vehicle road trip ready by making an appointment today so your trip isnt ruined by car troubles. You can find Antero Automotive at 6615 S. Dayton Street , Greenwood Village, CO, 80111 and we are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. See you soon!

Written by Developer Autoshop