Getting Ready for Fall and Winter in Colorado

Getting ready for fall and winter in Colorado is no joke especially if you enjoy winter sports and recreation. With fall almost upon us, and winter close behind, getting your car ready with some cold weather preparation is imperative! Getting ahead and prepping your vehicle will make a world of difference once winter fully hits, so check out the tips below and get your car ready for fall and winter in beautiful Colorado! First things first, youll want to give your car a good wash, inside and out. Get in there and scrape all the little bugs and bits of debris off your windshield and everywhere else off your car to prep it for waxing. And while youre at it, a thorough cleaning out and detailing of your interior is probably a good idea at this step. Next, its time to wax your car. Before the snow hits and the roads are still free of salt and sand, now is the time to prep and protect your cars paint from all the things itll come up against this winter. By waxing your car early, youre not only getting a head start on preventing damage, youre making cleanup easier down the line! Since visibility is a concern while driving during the winter months, check your windshield wipers and see if they need to be replaced. They should generally be replaced every six months to a year, or when you see that theyve accumulated damage and need replacing. They should make full contact with your windshield, and shouldnt squeak or skip while running. Inspect the wipers for any cracks, brittleness, and other potential damage. While youre checking your windshield wipers, you should also check your belts and hoses for some of the same things. Just like your windshield wipers, inspect belts and hoses for cracks and brittle rubber. In addition, make sure there are no leaks; if there are, you should have an auto mechanic at a reputable auto repair shop take a look. Go through and have your cars fluids replenished, get your oil changed, and have your tires checked over. Tire care should include inspection of tire tread, balance, and wear. Tires with low tread can be highly dangerous, especially in cold weather conditions. Rain, snow, and ice are difficult to navigate as it is, so having your tires in full working order is imperative. The Antero Automotive team wants your driving experience to be as safe and enjoyable as it can be, and a huge part of that is ensuring you have access to the best of the best ASE-certified auto mechanics and ASE master technicians! To get the most out of your auto repair experience, schedule an appointment with the pros at Antero Automotive to get your car ready for the fall and winter seasons. Feel free to stop by our shop located at, 6615 S Dayton Street Greenwood Village, CO 80111, with any questions. We hope to see you soon!

Written by Developer Autoshop