Creating resolutions on how to become a better driver

As we head into the new year, its a great time to assess many things about our lives. One area we often overlook but that has great safety implications is how we drive. Take some time to create a few New Years resolutions that can not only keep you safe but reduce your stress levels as well.

  • Slow down! Its not worth saving a few minutes.
  • Dont speed through yellow lights and never run red lights
  • Come to a complete stop at stop signs
  • Use your turn signal!
  • Account for blind spots
  • Dont eat while driving
  • Stay on top of preventive maintenance
  • If you have to have your phone nearby (uber, lyft, etc.) have it securely mounted
  • Most cars now have bluetooth capability so your phone can be put away and still be answered
  • Set your GPS coordinates/navigation route before pulling out of the driveway
  • Do not tailgate
  • Stay in your lane
  • Do not drive with headphones/ear pods on
  • Make sure your headlights are on before getting on the road
  • ALWAYS wear your seatbelt
  • Release your parking brake
  • Save your wheels and suspension by avoiding potholes
  • Dont speed over speed bumps
  • Come to a complete stop when you shift from reverse to drive or vice versa
  • Do not ignore the warning lights on your dashboard
  • Avoid riding the brakes
  • Keep your gas tank at a quarter tank or higher
  • Turn off your high beams when appropriate
  • Remove snow from your car, especially the hood and roof, before hitting the roadways

What ones did we miss? Wed love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to call Antero Automotive to keep your vehicle running at its best. A little bit of preventive maintenance goes a very long way. No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road. Schedule a service appointment, or stop by our shop located at 6615 S Dayton Street Greenwood Village, CO 80111. We are happy to help make sure your family road trip to Grandmas house is a safe and successful adventure.

Written by Developer Autoshop