Car Buying Doesnt Have to Be Scary Tips to Make Car Buying Easy

When it comes to some of the bigger decisions we make, buying a car is one of them, and the nature of a big decision, to make a big purchase, can cause us to freeze and feel overwhelmed. But making a big decision doesnt have to be overwhelming, we have a few tips to help keep it that way.

  • Doing the Research: The first step to make car buying easier is to do research and start planning before you need a new car. Waiting until your old car doesnt move anymore is only going to make your experience more stressful and much more dire if you have no other means of transportation. Now, knowledge is power, so finding out what your price range is, the needs you have for your vehicle, and what you like ahead of time is going to smooth the process out.Things that are going to provide you with the most bargaining power will be knowing the invoice prices, the price the dealer paid the manufacturer and not just the MSRP, for new cars; knowing your current cars trade-in value, if thats part of your plan, is also important as it can help influence your decisions on where to go and about your budget. Check out the site as its a great place to start your research.
  • Bargaining Power: Shopping around is going to be another one of the best ways to help you get the best price on the car youre looking for. Again, knowledge is power, so knowing that one dealer is willing to sell you a car with the same features (or more) for $18,000, whereas another is going for $20,000, you can use that to maybe get a better deal from dealer number 2. This on the ground research is also going to offer you bargaining power because it has allowed you to physically see the cars and features youve been looking at online. Car Gurus is a great place to start:
  • Test Drive: Test driving is one of the single most important things you can do when making a final decision on a car. The reason being you wont truly know what a car will feel like until youre in it and feeling it as you maneuver your town. If you have children or a spouse, try and bring them along with you, because their comfort is just as important as yours.Things to listen and feel for during a test drive:
    • How the car idles
    • Is your view through your mirrors the way you want/need it to safely drive
    • Test the air controls, radio, turn signals, windshield wipers, and make sure that everything feels comfortable and easy to switch
    • How does the car handle and how touchy/stiff are your breaks and gas, is this going to work for you and whoever else is driving this car?

    A couple of final bits of information that will help take away the scary parts of car buying are to really make sure youre prepared to stand your ground during your negotiations. Previous information in bargaining power will support you, but it is important that you lookout for some other common things that trip folks up during the car buying process.

    Do not negotiate based on a monthly payment price. No matter what, when you do monthly payments, it will always add up to be more than paying for the car upfront. So make sure you know what you can afford and its breakdowns from there, and then discuss how much this car will cost you total. You could end up paying a smaller monthly fee and due to an extension in how long youre making payments, you could end up paying thousands more. Just be smart and make sure youve done the research to know what you should be paying for your car.

    Before you sign anything making the purchase final, add up any and all numbers, fees, and add-ons from your dealer. Not everyone is trying to gouge you out of your money, but it doesnt hurt to protect yourself from what could happen. If you plan on buying a used car you should bring it into us so we can ensure that you are making a good purchase. You can now make an appointment online by clicking here or by texting or calling, with our Antero Experience Concierge. Let us give you peace of mind that you are making a smart purchase for such a large investment. We are here to help you! You can find us at Antero Automotive 6615 S. Dayton Street, Greenwood Village, CO, 80111. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. We hope to see you soon!

    Written by Developer Autoshop