Breathe Easier This Spring

One way to reduce the effects of seasonal allergies as Spring blooms is to replace your automobile's cabin air filter. Here in Colorado, we experience a multitude of blooms this time of year and pollen coats everything. By replacing your automobiles cabin air filter, you can help eliminate those sniffles and sneezes.

The primary purpose of the cabin air filter is to remove the pollutants in the air and prevent them from entering your vehicle through the HVAC system. Pollen, dust, and smog can contribute to a number of health problems for you, but ensuring your air filter is clean can also prevent larger problems from arising with your automobile. When your cabin air filter is clogged with debris, it causes your heating and cooling system to work harder and can cause serious damage to your motor.

Andy and his team at Antero Automotive recommend changing your cabin air filter at least once a year or every 15,000 miles depending on how often you drive your car. Most often located behind your glove box, the cabin air filter can be a challenge to replace for the novice. With our years of experience working on multiple makes and models, we suggest allowing a trained auto mechanic to change your air filter for peace of mind. It is not an expensive repair until you break your glove box trying to remove it.

So this spring, stop byAntero Automotive orgive us a callto schedule an appointment and let us take a look to determine if youre in good shape, or if it is time for a new cabin air filter. While you cant avoid pollen entirely, you can take this easy, preventative measure to reduce your exposure and keep that Spring in your step.

Written by Developer Autoshop